Labex Assessment Meeting Postponed

We would like to inform you that our November 12th to 16th Labex Assessment Meeting has been postponed until a new date, to be agreed upon, on the first quarter of 2013.


The reason is that our new Embrapa President, Dr. Mauricio Lopes, and our new Head of Embrapa International Office, Dr. Marcio Porto, would like to have the opportunity to participate of the meeting to have a closer look at Embrapa and ARS jointly efforts, as well as to discuss strategic priorities, right in the beginning of their tenure.  Since Dr. Mauricio has given high priority to Labex program in his inaugural speech, his presence at the meeting for sure is a great opportunity to discuss new ideas and mechanisms to boost our collaborative work.

We hope this cancellation does not cause you great inconvenience and we thank you for your understanding about this short-notice postponement.

We will keep you informed on the ongoing discussions regarding to the new meeting schedule.

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