A Special Thank You

Dr. Alfredo Augusto Cunha Alves tenure in the Labex-USA program is over after a little more than 3 years of collaborative work with ARS, from September 2009 to January 2013. He accomplished research activities that goes from germplasm exchange up to definition of protocols to cryopreservation of plants.

During that period, Alfredo has intensified  the exchange of germplasm between Embrapa and ARS with the support of ARS NCGRP - National Center for Genetic Resources Preservation and CENARGEN- Embrapa Genetic Resources and Biotechnology. The participation of Labex in the exchange of material has been carried out through intensive and direct contacts with curators and researchers at Embrapa and ARS. His research activities resulted in (1) definition of protocols for in vitro culture preservation and cryopreservation of commercial and wild cassava germplasm; (2) expansion of a collection of Manihot species at NCGRP/ARS; and (3) definition of methodologies to establish sugarcane accessions into in vitro culture. Additionally, he coordinated a research group from Brazil at NCGRP to access the response of cassava to increased CO2, nitrogen sources, drought and temperature; to define a methodology for assessing the diversity and genetic erosion in populations of Parana pine; to define for micro propagation and cryopreservation protocols for Eucalyptus, Annanas and Citrus; to study the germination physiology and seed quality of accessions and species of Physalis (Solanaceae); to study the performance of landrace cattle breeds in the semiarid region of Brazil; and to perform genetic characterization studies with different breeds of cattle and goats. Labex-USA would like to thank Alfredo for all that great work and wish success in his research work when back to his old bench at Embrapa Cassava and Fruit.


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