Alexandre Nepomuceno back to Brasil

Thank you Alexandre

Dr. Alexandre Lima Nepomuceno tenure in the Labex-USA program is over after 2 years of collaborative work with ARS, from September 2011 to September 2013. I would like to say goodbye to him who flew back to Brazil in the last September 12 and is already working on its activities at Embrapa Soja.

Particularly, it was a privilege to work with Alexander, who had a very dynamic and extraordinary performance as a Labex researcher. In two years, he has implemented numerous collaborations within and outside the ARS, expanding his network of relationships and research. He has brought many colleagues rom Embrapa as  visiting researcher, in both short and medium terms, as well as promoted the interaction between Units of ARS and American Universities with Research Centers at Embrapa, such as Embrapa Maize and Sorghum, Embrapa Beef Cattle, Embrapa Soybean, Embrapa Rice and Beans, among others. Also he has brought some postdocs and PhD students to develop part of their thesis at the Laboratory in which he developed his research. He has promoted the development and dissemination of Technical Notes linked to the theme Agriculture and Biotechnology, organized Workshops and Courses, and has evolved in his studies of cicardian gens linked to drought tolerance. At the same time, he has led the arduous task of articulating numerous Embrapa's Central Units, mainly AJU and SNE, as well as Decentralized ones, to promote the next steps of collaboration with the Japanese in the DREB front. I greatly appreciate your dedication and productive passage through Labex, as well as the opportunity to work together in this endeavor. I wish him all the success in his activities at Embrapa Soja, that for sure, will continue to be crowned with great achievements.

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