Research Areas

Precision Farming 1998-2002

Researcher: Ariovaldo Luchiari Jr.


Precision farming, precision agriculture or site-specific crop management is a new concept in farming which is of increasing interest among farmers, private organizations, extension, education and in agricultural research and development.

Since it is a concept in evolution its fundamentals and principles have not yet been established, as the implications for the agribusiness chain and to the environment have not yet been analyzed. Therefore, agricultural research and development has yet to answer many questions in different areas of knowledge. However, to effectively answer emerging questions a multi disciplinary systems approach should be used by the Agricultural Research. Also considering that this form of farming is based on the use of the best management practices to achieve maximum yield and economic returns while maintaining environmental quality. Therefore, the implications of this form of agricultural production on the agribusiness chain can be better analyzed.

However, to achieve these statements it is necessary to increase our scientific and technical background in specific areas, and also to increase our ability to analyze the state of the art and the future implications which precision agriculture would have to agricultural research and the educational system.

- Objectives

  • To carry out research in remote sensing and crop modeling in order to achieve the best management practices for water and nutrients in precision agriculture.
  • To analyze the state of the art and future implications of the precision agriculture to the agricultural research and to the agribusiness chain.