Visiting Scientists

Anna Leticia Pighinelli

Associated Labex Scientist: Carlos Eduardo Lazarini da Fonseca

Pyrolysis of Brazilian Based Biomass Feedstocks to Fungible Fuels and Coproducts

Research Team: Anna L M T Pighinelli, Researcher at Embrapa Agroenergy, Brasilia, DF, Brazil and Akwasi A. Boateng, Lead Scientist – Thermochemical Conversion Science & Engineering, Sustainable Biofuels & Co-Products Research Unit, Eastern Regional Research Center, ERRC/ARS, USDA

Objectives: Study the fast pyrolysis of five Brazilian biomasses to obtain bio-oil and biochar. We selected 1 grass-type biomass (sugar cane trash) and 4 woody-type biomass (eucalyptus from several species, like Benthamii, Grandis, Urograndis and Urophylla). 


Results: Biomasses have been characterized for Carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen contents, moisture and ash contents, volatile matter and fixed carbon, heating value and thermogravimetric analysis, Py-GC/MS, and inorganic material for all feedstocks. Several pilot plant pyrolysis experiments have been developed with sugar cane trash, E. benthamii, and E. urograndis and their Pyrolysis products have been characterized. A paper with the results has been submitted to an A1 Journal (Qualis/CAPES classification). Also we start working on the techno-economic analysis using the Pro II software (simulation software similar to ASPEN).